A big thanks to all our recent Fundraisers!

iCare Fundraising

Together, We'll Make a Difference!


$10 Poppin Popcorn


Enjoy our $10 Half Gallon Popcorn! A high quality popcorn at a low price. 

$3 Flyer


Want a product that's inexpensive but don't want to deal with inventory. Try our $3 popcorn flyer. Take orders and only order what customers pay for.

$15 Single Sheet


Don't like flipping through pages to find what you like? Ask about our $15 1 Gallon Single Sheet brochure. 

$2 Poppin Packs


 Our Direct Sell fundraisers allow participants to sell in hand product. This program is on $2 and great for the groups who do not want to deal with delivery. No min. order! 1 case contains 4 carriers. 

Celebrate Fall


Enjoy this wonderful catalog with various items to choose from. This catalog is sure to put you customer in the mood for the holidays.

$15 Peace and Love


1 Gallon popcorn at a great price. Spread love and peace while offering some tasty popcorn. If there was ever a reason to stop all negativity, it would be to grab a hand full of some delicious Cinnamon Toast Popcorn!