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iCare Fundraising

Together, We'll Make a Difference!

About Us

Who We Are

This team is made of up individuals who care. Our connections in the community and experience with schools and non-profit organization has given us the knowledge and know how to run successful fundraisers.

Areas of Impact

  • Full Service Rep
  • Quality Product
  • Higher Profits
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery and Kickoff

How We Work

  1. Sit down wit a rep and choose best campaign and start date.
  2. Receive Brochures or Direct Selling product.
  3. Kickoff to get students pumped about selling.
  4. Run Fundraisers (there will be routine check ups from our  reps so you don't get overwhelmed)
  5. Turn in Forms.
  6. Receive order (Rep will be available for Delivery)
  7. Begin planning Next Fundraiser.

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iCare Fundraising


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