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What We're About

Who We Are

Here at iCare the most important part of Fundraising is "YOUR ORGANIZATION". We pride ourselves not only our fantastic product, but our ability to give your group an excellent experience by providing you a Full Service fundraiser with one of our dedicated reps. How can I show your team that iCare?

Our Goals

We have one Goal! "TO KEEP YOU HAPPY FOR YEARS TO COME"! We hope that your group can raise as much money as possible and with our 50% fundraisers we attend to do that, but if you are not happy with our service at the end of our Fundraisers we will give your organization an additional 5%.

Our History

iCare was establish with the hands of a experience Fundraising Representative that saw the fundraising industry was becoming more concern about their own pockets and not the groups or schools ability to raise as much money as possible. With us you can rest in knowing that we care about the "outcome" of your Campaign and not just our "income".